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 at 2015/03/25  22:16:00  

Most people still have no idea what Tidal is, but that's likely to change if Jay Z continues playing his cards right. See, the music mogul has just convinced Taylor Swift to give the Norwegian hi-fi streaming service -- that he snapped up -- the right to stream most of her albums. As she's one of the world's best-selling artists, she certainly has the following to help spread the word about the company. But doesn't Taylor dislike streaming services? Well, not exactly. She left Spotify last year, because she wasn't happy with its free, ad-supported tier -- on the other hand, she stayed with Rhapsody and Beats Music, because they don't have a free option.

As you can guess, Tidal won't be free, either. When it officially launches under new management on March 30th, it will offer a 7-day free trial, after which, a subscription will cost you $20 a month. That's twice the amount it will cost you to subscribe to Beats Music: an amount that's presumably big enough to allow Tidal to offer artists better deals than its rivals. If you were expecting to be able to jam to Blank Space, though, we're sorry to say that Taylor's still keeping 1989 off of streaming websites, including this one.

[Image credit: Zed Jameson / FameFlynet.uk.com]

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 at 2015/03/24  22:22:00  

We kind of assumed this year on Game of Thrones was going to be as bitter and dark as graveyard-shift coffee. After all, it's based on the two ugliest books, A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons. But we saw the season premiere last night, and it's even nastier. Here are our spoiler-free impressions.

So last night, they held the U.S. premiere of Game of Thrones season five here in San Francisco, and they showed the opening episode "The Wars to Come." We can't reveal much about what happens in the episode — but suffice to say that it's very much an hour of setting up new conflicts and new challenges.

There are about a dozen different storylines playing out in "The Wars to Come," and the thing they have in common is that pretty much everybody is in the depths of despair and misery. It's very much the vibe you remember from A Feast For Crows, only possibly even worse.

At the same time, for the first time ever, nothing that happens in this episode felt like it came from the books. Not one scene felt like an adaptation of a book scene, although there were a few notes here and there that felt similar. Even the characters who've mostly followed their book trajectories, up to now, are doing something pretty new.

And significantly, some of the biggest conflicts being set up in this season opener are entirely different than the relationships those characters have in the books — and seem likely to play out in a whole new way.

But what really makes this season opener of Game of Thrones feel so dark, and so intense, is the way this show really captures the natural reactions of some of the characters to the horrors they've been through. There's a really strong attention to detail in the way that all of these characters feel weighted down by the past, and changed by their disappointments and losses. The episode was full of little moments where I found myself thinking, "Oh, of course that's how that person would feel at this point." Especially the characters who don't get POV chapters in the books — but even some of the books' POV characters have a more fleshed-out response, thanks to strong performances from the cast.

And that's really the biggest thing I came away with after this episode. The cast, many of whom were in the audience watching it with us, are doing a phenomenal job of adding more dimensions to these characters. Especially Peter Dinklage, who's never been more tragic and mordant, and just magnetic, than he is in this opening episode — Tyrion Lannister pretty much owns the episode, and the amount of emotion and humor that Dinklage manages to pack into his scenes is a thing of pure amazement. After the first episode, Tyrion's storyline is the one I'm most desperate to see play out this season, too.

And from the gorgeous opening moments, the episode is jam-packed with brilliant visuals and beautifully staged scenes. There are some really ambitious scenes just in this setup-heavy episode, which are put together with a ton of care. Westeros and Essos have a sense of scale and place, more than ever.

In general, the theme of this season seems to be that everybody is falling apart. Even the characters who seem to form new alliances or stick together in the books seem to be on the outs as the new season begins. And the way things are set up in this opening episode, it seems as though everybody is going to be at everybody else's throat, pretty much.

In fact, the main thing that would make the season opener hard to talk about — even if I could talk about spoilers — is the fact that it's so jam-packed with storylines, and so much of it consists of setup. This has been true of almost every season opener since season two, but this time in particular it feels as though there are a million pieces on the board and the show is darting from place to place, trying to keep tabs on them all. And this may really be the year that Game of Thrones becomes so big and so diffuse that it stops having any sense of cohesiveness at all — although I'm cautiously optimistic, based on what we know about the season's arc.

Plus even though this episode is mostly just pieces being moved into place, it does have one really strong arc in it, which ends with a really powerful image — one which isn't in the books, and which represents a cliffhanger I'm dying to see play out.

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 at 2015/03/24  22:19:00  

Now that the Apple Watch is close to launch, Apple is getting its stores ready to sell the wearable -- and apparently, that involves turning its T-shirt-wearing staffers into fashion gurus. A 9to5Mac leak has revealed that the company is asking retail employees to suggest different watches based on how you dress and your lifestyle, much like you'd expect when buying a pair of designer glasses. Yes, that specialist may suggest a colorful watch because you have a "fun style" (ack), not just because it's the best your budget allows. Apple is reportedly aware that you might want to skip the spiel and will have areas for people who already know what they want, but you'll want to be prepared for some beauty banter if you're undecided.

The notion that a plainly dressed, modestly paid worker could become a fashion expert is a bit silly, and Apple's example customers don't always make sense. What kind of waiter makes enough money to drop $1,000 on a steel smartwatch without flinching? However, this shows just how far Apple is willing to go to get its new device on your wrist. It's willing to hire sales execs from non-technical fields and have them replace the conventional electronics store sales tactics with ones you'd expect from a boutique. Will they work? Not necessarily (this is still an expensive and strictly optional piece of silicon), but it'll be interesting to see how the experiment shakes out.

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 at 2015/03/23  22:28:00  

Watch this. Now. TIE Fighter is a short animation by Paul Johnson that shows a bit of Star Wars from the perspective of the Empire. It's done in the style of anime from the 80's and shows an aerial fight scene between TIE fighters and X-wings and is pretty much so awesome that Disney should make this an entire movie.

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 at 2015/03/23  22:10:00  

Using a Bluetooth-connected E-Ink screen with its own independent power supply, the inkCase i6 allows the back of your phone to become…a second screen for your iPhone.

Time, date, message notifications, battery and a host of other info is displayed in a clear format that’s visible even in bright sunlight. However, this also allows the user to read text (including ebooks) without draining the battery of their phone, as well as make use of running/cycling apps without worrying about sun glare. So, not so pointless after all.

Learn more about its full functionality here, along with a link to make a purchase.

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