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I started to use Astrill as my 1st choice of VPN service at 2010, and now I'm still one of Astrill users. Astrill has been provided one of best VPN services since 2009 and the customers are all over the world. It's safe and easy to use with its clients software for all platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS (works with Muvericks) & Linux etc. 

Compared to other VPN hosts, Astrill has much more servers. It has about 100 servers from almost 50 different location/ countries. This company also has 3,500 IP addresses that caters to all its users.  Users can also expect unlimited switches from server to server. Some VPN hosts even charges for this feature/option, but not for Astrill.

It supports protocols such as PPTP, Cisco IPsec, OpenVPN, OpenWeb and L2TP/IPsec. They definitely work for most computers and portable devices.

It is no doubt that speed is the top issue we care most. Astrill has all that you need. All plans are at 10 MBits! And also no traffic restriction. It allows BT or P-to-P downloading with several servers( * marks).

iPhone, iPad, Anroid Phones, Andoid based tablates and any computer operating systems works like a charm.

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Astrill Coupon  

Astrill Register:



If you cannot successfully open Astrill website, please try to add these IP to your HOST file:



You'll Get 10%OFF!!

DO NOT use any 3rd party cookie blocker apps or addon in browser. Astrill VPN discount code is only for new accounts, you should open your new account using the link above, you can not come back later on to use Astrill’s discount code, it needs to be done when you open it, not after.



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Astrill VPN Discount / Coupon 10%OFF

Almost 100% of ISP bandwidth,
Special optimized with Youtube 

Availlable on all platform & OS

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Astrill Register: 

You'll Get 10%OFF!!

Astrill VPN 10% OFF

DO NOT use any 3rd party cookie blocker apps or addons in browser to avail discount.


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